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Coffee Addict | The Office Trivia Master | Knitting Aficionado 

Administrative Coordinator

Emma is typically the first voice you hear when contacting Bear Brook Valley. Her friendly persona makes learning about our venue a pleasant and exciting experience! She also performs a wide range of administrative and office support such as generating reports & tracking sales.

Favorite part about working here?

"I love the friendly personalities that create a warm and welcoming environment for guests and coworkers alike and the eagerness of everyone to help each other, no matter the task!"


Dog Mom | Shower Singer | Makeup Enthusiast

Sales Coordinator

Christina is our friendly sales coordinator, here to give you a grand tour of Bear Brook and show you what we're all about! 

Favorite part about working here?

"I love the friendly personalities that create a warm and welcoming environment for guests and coworkers alike and the eagerness of everyone to help each other, no matter the task!"


Boy Mom x2 | Snow & Water Sport Junkie | Wine & Cheese Lover

Wedding Planner

When it comes to finding someone to guide you throughout the entire planning process, Heather is here! She will be your main point of contact throughout wedding planning, from answering your questions, helping you make a decision, to being your shoulder to cry on. Formerly the wedding coordinator at our sister property, Rock Island Lake Club, Heather brings years of experience in wedding planning and is genuinely happy to help you create the best 'flippin' day ever. Queen of the warm & fuzzy vibes, once you meet Heather you'll see why we're all family here!

Favorite part about working here?

"I love that I get to know our couples so well throughout the entire planning process. By the time we get to their wedding day, they’re more like family!"


Music Lover | Movie Quoter | Mother of 3 Girls

Maitre D'

Juana will be here on the day of your wedding to execute your details flawlessly from start to finish. Her fun and energetic personality is contagious and just the type of energy everyone wants to be around for celebrating the biggest day of their lives! 

Favorite part about working here?

"We support our employees growth and development by acknowledging their achievements. I love that we are always looking for new ways to stay current. And most importantly, we know when and how to show our guests a great time on their special day!"


Soccer Fan | Knife Enthusiast | Beer Lover

Executive Chef

"Cam" is our head chef, leader of the kitchen and soul of the food here at Bear Brook Valley. Formerly head chef at Rock Island, Cam brings both experience and passion to work.

Favorite part about working here?

"My favorite thing about working for the company is the fact that we are able to offer a wide range of international cuisines during a cocktail hour. First and foremost, chefs are cooks and the menus we present allows us to express ourselves better than your standard venue."


Proud Father of 2 | Olive Hater | Flip Flops Over Snow Boots 

Head Sous Chef

Mike is our second in command chef who brings peace, laughs and talent to the kitchen!

Favorite part about working here?

"It’s great playing a role in helping to put together one of the most important day in peoples lives."


Fantasy Football Fanatic | Green Tea Obsessed | Leo

Business Manager/Controller

Lisa is the head manager and controller of Bear Brook Valley, as well as our sister property Rock Island Lake Club. She oversees and controls the general operation of the business, from legal to day-to-day affairs.

Favorite part about working here?

"Implementing a relevant new school approach to the market and seeing an overwhelmingly positive response!"


Capricorn | Mom of Future NBA Star | Favorite Show: This Is Us

Director of Marketing

Jamie also bounces between Rock Island Lake Club and Bear Brook Valley. She designs our stationery and manages our brand, social media, digital content and anything marketing-related.

Favorite part about working here?

"I enjoy marketing to millennials and being a part of an industry that’s rapidly growing and always changing. I love learning new things, implementing new trends and creating a unique experience for our couples."


Anything + Everything Chocolate | Fitness Enthusiast | Cheers!

Social Media & Marketing Assistant

Kellie is another team member who works at both of our properties. Kellie collects marketing content and runs our Facebook and Pinterest page.

Favorite part about working here?

"Working alongside young, like-minded people who have the same passion + drive as one another, and the freedom to use my creativity to help build and enhance the company."

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