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Wedding Skincare How-To: Prepping for a Bridal Glow

If there ever were a time to get your skincare routine right, it's before your wedding! We partnered up with our friend, fellow wedding pro and professional makeup artist, Samantha Linn to get the inside scoop on how to really prep for your bridal glow. "A well-planned wedding skincare routine will ensure you look and feel your absolute best on your big day!" Samantha says. Below are her 5 ways to prepare your skin and ensure that bridal glow. "I’m breaking down the when and why behind each so that you can start planning accordingly!"

Samantha Linn shares with us her best advice on preparing your skin to ensure that bridal glow.

Skincare Routine


  • ASAP! Begin AT LEAST 3-6 months out if you’re experimenting with new products.


  • At the most basic level, make sure to moisturize twice a day. Having a hard time remembering? Leave your moisturizer next to your toothpaste to remind yourself! It’s also important, when using skin care to know your skin type. This will help you determine what products are best for YOU.


  • Your skincare routine is going to ultimately improve the appearance of your skin (Along with all these other perks like hydrating your skin, anti-aging benefits, and protecting against sun damage!)

  • Dry, cracking, or textured skin can be difficult to cover with makeup so it’s important to do this homework leading up to your wedding day to give your makeup artist the best canvas to work with!

  • It’s important you DO NOT experiment with new skincare products too close to the wedding day due to allergic reactions, skin irritation, or sensitivity that may occur. We don’t want to create any new issues on the skin!

  • Skincare is important to use religiously- so be sure to stick to your routine daily to see the results you ultimately want.



  • Anytime! Begin at least 3-6 months out if you don’t regularly go. Be cautious of using new products, even prescriptions, too close to the wedding day.


  • If you’re experiencing severe dryness, redness of the skin, acne, or other troublesome skin issues, it may be beneficial to visit a dermatologist. Whether it’s environmental, hormonal, or an underlying issue causing the problem, it’s important to get a medical opinion.



  • Begin AT LEAST 3-6 months out. The best results are seen when you go regularly (about once per month)!


  • Facials are going to improve the appearance of your skin, both immediately and over time. There are a lot of options out there so it is really important that you are talking to your facialist about what’s best for your skin! Everyone is different so the treatments your friend swears by or what you see on social media… may not be what’s best for you. If you’re struggling with your skincare, don’t be afraid to ask questions about what you should be using at home. Last tip, try to stick with the same facialist especially if you are preparing for an event like your wedding!

Hair Removal


  • Begin at least 3-6 months out if you don’t regularly go


  • Waxing, threading, dermaplaning


  • If this is not something you do regularly, you’ll want to start at least 3-6 months out whether it’s waxing or threading. As mentioned above, you want to be very careful of introducing anything new to the skin just in case of any irritability, allergies, or sensitivity. We don’t want any redness or reactions on the face (or body!) on the wedding day so it’s important to get into a comfortable routine with this sooner than later. Dermaplanning (an exfoliating treatment that involves gently scraping the surface of your skin) is also another form of hair removal on the face. This is often done in conjunction with your facial. It really helps the makeup apply smoother to the skin because it removes any dead skin and any peach fuzz from the face. Your face will feel like butter & your makeup artist will thank you!

Spray Tanning


  • The week of your wedding. *Be sure to try this a few months prior to ensure you’ll be getting your preferred level of tan right!


  • Who doesn’t love a beautiful glow & feel more confident with a tan?! Spray tanning has come such a long way in the past couple of years. (Samantha really try to steer people away from tanning beds and tanning salons. The risk is just not worth it!) And with the right professional, a spray tan can be just as natural and even as the real deal! I always suggest trying this a couple of months beforehand. Don’t forget to chat with the person spray tanning you about the “level of tan” you’re going for. See how it wears and be sure to give feedback for a flawless glow for your wedding day!

As you can see, earlier is always better with skin prep, but if you get started closer to the big day, you and your skin will still be in great shape!

Here are some additional resources for you in your skincare journey!

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