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The Latest Trends to Incorporate in Your 2022 Wedding

You thought 2021 was a busy wedding year?! Well brace yourselves for the wedding boom that is coming in 2022! After the world and wedding industry were shaken by the pandemic, weddings have changed; couples are putting an even greater emphasis on the personal, meaningful details and creating an experience for themselves and their guests. And we are HERE FOR IT!!

Although there are certain wedding traditions that will never go away, every year brings new traditions and trends. What will 2022 bring?!

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Creating a More Personalized Experience

This has been a rising trend throughout the years, but since the pandemic, couples are on a mission to put on a show and create an unforgettable experience for their guests. They are taking this as an opportunity to go all out... this means adding personal touches, offering foods and meaningful details that have a story to the couple and makin

g guests feel at home.

The Rise of the Flower Man (and Flower Grandma)

Want to include someone special in your wedding ceremony, but not sure how to fit them in? Or are you having a no-kids wedding? Consider having a flower man or a flower grandma instead of the traditional flower girl! It's a great way to get you and your guests laughing and help ease any nerves you may have before walking down the aisle.

Custom Neon Signs

These bold, bright and beautiful signs aren't going away anytime soon. They are total stand-out décor items that we predict to see even more of in 2022!

Late-Night Food

Keeping with the trend of making weddings more of an experience for guests, couples are adding on fun food stations to send their guests home with at the end of the night. The Knot is referring to this new trend as "laid-back luxury." At Bear Brook Valley, couples can have a brick oven pizza station, a McDonalds food truck, Latin fare, a diner stop {hello Jersey weddings} and so many more options!! See the Bear Brook Valley menu here 😋

Live Painter

A unique way to capture your most important day is by hiring a live painter. Live painters come to your wedding and begin painting a special moment, whether it be your ceremony or first dance. We love that this moment is captured in real-time and is something you can take home to display.

{Event Painting by Katherine}

Last Dance

Last dances have become more popular in 2021 and we expect to see them more often in 2022. A last dance is a private dance shared between the couple of honor at the end of the night once guests have cleared the room. It's a sweet way to end your wedding day and allows you and your spouse to have an intimate moment alone after a whirlwind of a day!

Weekday Weddings

It looks like weekday weddings are here to stay! Couples celebrated their love on all days of the week in 2021 thanks to the pandemic and it turns out that Monday weddings are just as fun as Saturday weddings. Due to demand in the wedding world, many couples are choosing to continue this trend in 2022 by getting married on a Thursday.

Weekday wedding = saving money!

Unique Escort Cards & Seating Chart Walls

From shots and champagne to Avenger figurine escort cards, we're expecting to see couples getting creative with their seating assignment displays! You can find seating chart and escort card ideas here!

Shopping Locally & Planning Sustainably

We are so excited to see that couples are making it a priority to work with small, local businesses for their wedding and making an effort to have a sustainable wedding. Thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, discovering small businesses is easy! By supporting a local business, you are supporting someone's dreams and reducing your carbon footprint (less packaging and no shipping)! Check out our blog for ideas on how to have a more sustainable wedding.

Letting Loose

The pandemic has taught us not to take anything for granted. Your wedding may be first time your family & friends have gathered in a while, so more than ever we are seeing guests show up READY TO PARTY! While the past couple of years have separated us, it's a beautiful thing to see everyone brought back together.

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We are looking forward to another year full of fun, unique, and creative weddings and can't wait to see what kind of trends our couples incorporate into their wedding! Follow us on Instagram to keep up with the trends!


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