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Seating Charts vs Escort Cards

Want to keep your wedding running smoothly? Then make sure you have assigned seating! Let guests know which table they will be seated at with seating charts or escort cards. We've seen so many different seating charts and escort cards unique to each couple's style, so which one should you pick for your wedding?

What's the Difference?

A seating chart lists all of your guests' names in either alphabetical order or in table number order. When guests arrive after the ceremony, they will look for their last name to check which table number they are at.

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Escort cards have your guest's name and table number written on a piece of paper or an item that relates to your wedding theme or style.

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Modern lettering and design professional, The Jess Press says, "I always say go for the seating chart, because I think aesthetically it has an amazing visual effect when guests walk in... You want your guests to have a "wow" feeling when they enter your reception."

The Pros and Cons

We took it to Instagram to hear what your thoughts were on seating charts vs escort cards. 65 percent of you voted for seating charts.

Seating Charts


  • DIY and save money

  • Environmentally-friendly

  • Save the chart as a keepsake or display it in your home

  • Rent a seating chart so it's one less wedding item to add to your clutter

  • They don't require much work or set up (just lean it against a wall or on an easel)


  • Writing can be hard to read

  • Takes awhile for guests to find their names

  • People tend to crowd around the chart which backs things up

  • Guests forget which table they're at and have to go back to look at the chart again (and again for some lol)

  • If you're not saving the chart as a keepsake, it is wasteful

Tip: If you're using a mirror seating chart, Erika of Adorn Market advises placing the mirror on a darker accent wall so that the lettering pops off of the seating chart display.

Escort Cards


  • Easy for guests to remember their table number since it is written on the cards

  • Lots of opportunities to tie your escort cards into your wedding theme or style (seashells for a beach wedding, wood slices for a rustic wedding, etc)

  • Escort cards can double as décor

  • Escort cards can also be a wedding favor


  • Escort cards can be wasteful if they are not multi-purpose

  • They can be a lot of work; they need to be placed on the escort card table in either alphabetical or table number order

Our Favorites



If you choose to use escort cards, Jessica of The Jess Press suggests choosing a card that guests can take with them to help prevent waste. Choosing something that matches the theme of your wedding and/or wedding venue like wood or agate slices, sand dollars or oysters, or flowers are great options that can double as keepsakes.

Whichever you decide to use for your wedding-- a seating chart or escort cards, keep your theme, functionality, and your wedding venue in mind. And if you can't decide, calligrapher and owner of Adorn Market, Erika says, "My favorite is combining the two together! Styling place cards onto the mirror with wax seals is a great way to get the best of both worlds, make a statement and easily help your guests find their assigned seat." We hope this helps and we can't wait to see your beautiful seating charts and escort cards!


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