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Updated: Feb 24

Grab your wedding planning checklist! There are lots of boxes to check off when planning your wedding, and one of the most of the important things to knock off the list first is your photographer.

Photographers book up quickly, so be sure to book yours at least one year before your wedding! Indoor/outdoor wedding venue in NJ, Bear Brook Valley has created a vendor list consisting of the best, most passionate, and extremely talented photographers for our couples. Although you don't have to choose a photographer from our list, it is a great place to start! Today, we are featuring Anthony Ziccardi, professional photographer and owner of the famous Anthony Ziccardi Studios.

With over 18 years in the business, Anthony Ziccardi Studios knows what is best for couples and how to capture the most perfect moments from each and every wedding. Below are Anthony's tips for couples:

1. Know your sunset. This will help plan your timing, especially for winter weddings.

Knowing when the sunset is will help you create a photo timeline for the day. If you are having your ceremony at sunset, then you should be done with portraits about an hour before then. Your photographer will help you with the timeline and keep you on track for the day.

2. Don't look at the weather weeks before your wedding, all this will do is stress you out.

The weather is constantly changing, and unfortunately it's something that you can't change!

3. Check the weather a day before your wedding. If rain is inevitable, buy a pair of cute rain boots and an umbrella. The rain makes for super cool and romantic photos. Again, you can't change the weather, so embrace it!

4. Don't get obsessed with Pinterest. Let your photographers use their creativity to create your own Pinterest dream. Trying to copy a moment that happened with different people, in a different location, with different lighting, and different photographers is just distracting from having unique photos of your own.

5. Don't skimp on photos and videos. After the day is over and the guests are all gone, all you have left are the photos and videos. Make sure you choose an established studio with a solid reputation to capture this important event. There are no do overs.

Save these tips when searching for a New Jersey wedding photographer! Anthony Ziccardi Studios has been working with Bear Brook Valley since opening in 2017, so he and his team know the wedding venue like the back of their hands, and will do whatever it takes to capture the wedding photos you want.

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