Wedding Vocab: 101

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Pop the champagne, post to the gram, call all of your friends and family, it’s finally here..it happened YOU’RE engaged. Where to turn next obviously the internet right? You start the search and you can’t quite seem to grasp all of these terms you're seeing on wedding websites, checklists, and packages. We are here to help check out these terms that are sure to pop up during your wedding planning process!

Canape-A small appetizer placed on a piece of bread, puff pastry or cracker.

Cocktail hour- This is the pre-party, your guests will enjoy food, drinks and music before heading to the reception. If you don’t do a first look this is usually when you will take pictures with family/bridal parties.

Crudite- Raw vegetables cut up served with a dip(fancy veggie platter).

Escort cards- These cards will determine what each table the guests are sitting at, once they arrive at their table they may then chose their own seat.

First look- This is the moment where you both will see each other for the first time, couples usually chose to do this when they want to take pictures before the ceremony, so that they can enjoy the night after the ceremony is over.

Grooms cake- This is a special cake created and decorated for the groom usually to his likes/interests.

Head table- This table will seat the couple, as well as everyone else they chose to join them(parents, MOH/BM, bridal parties, etc).

Place cards- These cards will determine where the guest will specifically sit at each individual table(more formal than escort cards).

Pomander- Bouquet that is round and usually carried by a ribbon, these usually will get re-purposed as floral decor during the event.

Prelude- This is the softer music played as your guest are arriving and being seated at the ceremony.

Processional-This is the intimate music played as the bride/groom walk down the aisle.

Signature drinks- Signature drinks allow you to create a unique custom cocktail that really represents you, for all of your guest can enjoy!

Recessional- Upbeat music played as the couple is pronounced officially married and exiting from the ceremony.

Sweetheart table- This table is where the couple will sit alone usually at the head of the room away from all of the other tables.

Tablescape- This is going to be the overall look and feel of your tables this can range from florals, to linens, decor, and so much more.

Unplugged Ceremony- This when the couple kindly makes a request that you keep all electronic devices away during the ceremony, this allows photographers to get amazing natural shots with no cell phones in the way, and also ensures that everyone is sharing this special moment with the couple.

Uplighting- This is lighting that is placed strategically throughout the reception space on the floors and some venues even in the ceiling and molding. These lights can range from soft hues that give the room a romantic ambiance to having the lights sync with the music so when the beat drops it provides an incredible dancing vibe and experience for the guest.

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