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How to Stay Organized During Wedding Planning

Congratulations; you're engaged!!! Like many couples, you probably started planning your wedding years before you were even engaged-- clipping ideas out of magazines, pinning décor, centerpieces, and cakes on Pinterest, or just exchanging ideas with your friends. As exciting as this is, you are now left with endless ideas, and most likely endless unorganized ideas! Before you get in over your head with wedding planning, get organized with these tips from the wedding coordinators at all-inclusive wedding venue in Northern New Jersey, Bear Brook Valley.

1. Create a wedding-only email address

Use this email address to communicate with your fiancé, wedding venue, planner, and vendors. This will help keep you from losing or mixing up your important wedding emails with work and life emails.

2. Make checklists for everything

Start by writing a prioritized to-do list tackling the most important tasks first and crossing each one off one step at a time-- create your guest list, book your venue, book your vendors, etc. Try to avoid contacting every single potential vendor at once; this will become overwhelming and confusing. Take a look at the timeline below to get an idea of when you should have each task checked off!

3. Start a Google Drive account

You and your fiancé can use Google Drive to create and edit files and share ideas. You can use this service to organize your guest list, potential vendors, price quotes, signed contracts, and checklists. Google Docs and Google Sheets will be your best friends!

4. Delegate

Don't try to do everything on your own. Ask for help and accept help when it's offered to you!

5. Have a Separate Bank Account

To easily keep track of wedding expenses, use one bank account or put all of your payments on one credit card. Tip: use a credit card that offers rewards!

6. Utilize Tools That Your Venue Provides

Bear Brook Valley has online planning tools that allow you to plan your wedding from your couch. Get décor inspiration, browse the vendor guide, choose your menu, get signature drink ideas, fill out your details forms, and more!

Wedding planning can become super stressful if you aren’t organized. Luckily, with the tips above and with the help of the wedding planners at Bear Brook Valley, you will be kept on track and organized! Also, don't forget, communication is key. Use your resources to share ideas, negotiate, and finalize details so that everyone is on the same page. The wedding coordinators will guide you every step of the way and are here to answer any questions you may have!


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