Tips for Postponing your Wedding

Updated: Jan 7

Due to the recent pandemic, many couples who were making final arrangements for their big day, are now going through the process of postponing their weddings. At Bear Brook Valley, our wedding planner, Heather is working closely with the couples to reschedule their upcoming weddings. This has been extremely challenging for everyone, but fortunately we are working through it together. Below are some steps to take when postponing your wedding, along with tips from some of Bear Brook Valley's amazing vendors!

1. Take a deep breath.

Recognize that this is a situation that you cannot change, but that it is something you can work around.

2. Contact your venue and vendors first.

The most important tip vendors give their couples is to communicate your new plans with your vendors as soon as possible to ensure that they are available for your new date.

3. Communicate with your guests.

Send out an e-announcement once you've decided to postpone your wedding. Once you have your new date set, follow up with a mailed announcement. Many couples are now sending Change the Dates! There are so many resources online for these.


4. Don't sweat the small stuff.

You don't have to buy a new wedding dress and flowers or replace the personalized napkins that have your original date on them. Save the money and the stress.

At Thistle Bee Florist, Katherine recommends that she and her couples assess the items that were specifically chosen for their seasonal availability and then look into what will be an equal and beautiful swap for the new season that their wedding has been postponed to.

5. Celebrate your original wedding date anyway!

Make your favorite dinner together, bake a mock wedding cake, enjoy some drinks, or watch a movie. You'll look back on this day and laugh, and you'll have a good story to tell your kids!

6. Look at the bright side.

Save some extra money in the meantime.

The excitement and anticipation will build up even more.

And being with your closest family and friends on your wedding day will have a whole new meaning.

We appreciate your patience as we navigate this challenge together. We will get through this. You will marry your best friend and you will have your greatest day ever. Need some more words of encouragement? Check out our blog post, Love Letters from BBV Couples to you!

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