How to Keep you + your Guests Feeling Safe at your Wedding

Planning a wedding during "normal times" is challenging-- agreeing on the guest list, finding a venue, deciding on a budget, the list goes on. But planning a wedding amidst a global pandemic is a whole different story! You've potentially had to postpone or cancel your wedding, coordinate with your vendors and notify your guests of your new date, and figure out ways to keep you and your guests safe at your wedding.

Along with complying with the state's guidelines and the CDC's safety recommendations, Bear Brook Valley provides hand sanitizing stations and a table in the reception space just for those who would like to stay extra socially distanced. On top of the precautions your wedding venue is taking, here are some creative ways you can help your guests feel safe at your wedding.

1. Social Distancing Wristbands

Help your guests feel comfortable at your wedding by providing color-coded social distancing wristbands. When they arrive at your wedding, they can choose a wristband that aligns with their comfortability.

Green - okay with hugs, high fives, and handshakes

Yellow - okay with talking but not touching and still cautious

Red - staying socially distanced

Head to Etsy for social distancing wristband options including the pretty signs!

2. Display Cute, Informative Signs

Etsy has endless choices for cute, tasteful COVID-19 signs that remind guests to keep distanced, wear a mask, and use hand sanitizer. Check out our favorites here!

3. Provide Masks

Many guests will arrive with their own masks, but be sure to provide some for those who may have forgotten theirs, and to show that you are serious about keeping everyone safe and healthy. Wedding Wire says that the majority of guests expect to be wearing a mask when attending weddings.

4. Keep your Guests Informed

Update your wedding website with what guests can expect upon arriving at your wedding. Let them know if you are providing masks, if seating and tables will be spread out, if the wedding venue enforces the state's and CDC's current guidelines, etc. This way they will know what they are walking into without feeling uncomfortable.

Although the vaccine is now being distributed, we still need to be cautious and guests may still feel nervous, so help them feel comfortable while celebrating. You, your guests, and our staff's health and safety is our number one priority. We are so grateful for the couples who have trusted in Bear Brook Valley to create the most magical day of their lives. We are looking forward to celebrating more love this year ♡

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