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Giving Back: 4 Thoughtful Ways to Make A Difference At Your Wedding

If doing something for a good cause is important to you, read on about how you can use your wedding to give back!


Source: Offbeat Bride

Eco-Friendly Stationery

Using recycled paper or going digital for your invitations, save the dates, programs, menu cards, etc. are great ways to reduce waste. Pro tip: take advantage of QR codes to help you save paper! Read more on other ways to make your wedding more eco-friendly.

Photo by Jenelle Kappe

Charitable Donations in Lieu of Favors

The average spend on a wedding favor is $3 per person, and when multiplying that by your headcount it certainly adds up! Taking the money you would spend on a favor and putting that toward a cause is a great way to really make a difference! Here are some ideas on where you can donate:

  • Local animal shelter

  • Hospital/Children's hospital

  • Medical research in memory of someone special

  • Any other charity that means something to you!

Add a note or a sign to let guests know you're making the donation in leu of favors! They will appreciate this as well!

Donate Leftovers

Have leftover flowers? Donate them to your local nursing home, children's hospital or women's shelter. Other things you can donate to give back are your wedding dress, decorations, extra wedding favors or unwanted gifts.

Charity Wedding Registry

If you've already got everything you need that typical newlyweds ask for, you could consider doing this option. A charity wedding registry is where couples ask guests to donate to a specific organization rather than buy them gifts. Though some registries like The Knot & WithJoy offer a cash fund option where the money goes to you to donate to the cause, The Good Beginning is more direct which streamlines the giving process for couples and guests.


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