Fun ways to Include your pet in your Wedding day

Updated: Mar 30

Can't imagine your wedding day without your furbaby by your side? Neither could many of our couples at Bear Brook Valley, so they got creative with including their pets in their special day! We're bringing you some of our favorite pet pictures from past weddings at this unique wedding venue in NJ. Below are 12 ideas on how to include your pet in your wedding!

Pets are not limited to cats and dogs. This beautiful bride did a little photo shoot with ADORABLE teacup pigs!!🐷 this piggy even smiled for the picture!

Not able to bring your dog with you on your wedding day? Include him or her in your engagement pics!

Anthony Ziccardi Studios

If your pup can't make it to the wedding, keep a photo of him or her with you so it feels like he/she's right by your side!

Photo: Delaney Dobson

Snap some family pics before heading back in for the party!

Photo: Monica Mendoza

Share your love of pups by sending your guests home with treats from your pup to theirs.

Photo: Live Picture Studios

Strike a pose with your dog...cardboard cutouts! These will be a hit at the photo booth and on the dance floor.

Photo: Michelle Arlotta

Get your dog a cute sign and take a few family pictures.

The perfect way to combine two of your favorite things, cocktails and dogs. Bonus - name your signature drinks after your dog!

Take it up a notch and have your pet walk down the aisle.

Take a few minutes for puppy play and photos! This will calm your nerves and create awesome memories.

Yours Truly Media

Turn your dog(s) into a photo booth prop! When looking back at your wedding photos, it'll look like they were there the whole time!

Yours Truly Media

If naming your signature drink after your pet, or creating photo props with your dogs face isn't enough, why not bring a unicorn to your wedding?! This couple took some magical photos with this fairy tale "unicorn!"

Delaney Dobson Photography

Are you incorporating your pet in your wedding day? If so, let us know how in the comments!

*Please contact your wedding coordinator for approval of bringing any pets to Bear Brook Valley.

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