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Fun Dance Ideas for your Wedding Reception

Over the years, we've seen a ton of different moves on the dance floor: dance-offs, flash-mobs, brides surprising grooms, grooms surprising brides, entire wedding party choreography. No matter how they break it down, our favorite part is watching how each dance shows off the couples' personality! We're all about tying in authentic details, and a unique song or dance is definitely a great way to make your wedding more YOU!

Here are some fun ideas we've found on the web! We hope they inspire you to find your unique twist!

  • Slow first dance turns into a mashup!

  • Awesome father & daughter slow dance turns into Pulp Fiction's C'est La Vie!

  • The classic Forever by Chris Brown wedding ceremony entrance!! {As seen in The Office}

  • You have to see this mashup! This mama knows how to break it down, and they are LOVING IT! This mother & son combo killed it!

  • Here's another mashup including both sides of the wedding party. This one includes the little ones and it's so cute!!

  • How cute are these two performing What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction?! If you think the dance looks familiar... it's because they pulled it right from the game "Just Dance"!!

  • This groom surprises his bride with another awesome, unique mashup!

  • A boy band mashup surprise dance by the groomsmen!!

  • This groom & groomsmen surprise the bride with a dance to Baby by Justin Beiber and it's too good!

  • Bridesmaids mashup! They're having so much fun!

  • Here's an awesome mashup for the more "low key" couple!

  • Epic father & daughter dance that starts slow, but turns into a surprise!

  • Another surprise groomsmen dance!

  • Hilarious mashup that turns into a Magic Mike dance!

  • This one isn't a dance, but an "NBA-Inspired" wedding party intros!

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