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Updated: Jan 31

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Looking for a florist for your big day? We've got your girl! Katherine, owner of Thistle Bee the Florist based out of New Jersey and Pennsylvania specializes in weddings and events with a focus on creating an experience for her couples. Thistle Bee the Florist is one of the preferred vendors at Bear Brook Valley, and with good reason! Not only can Katherine bring beauty to any space, but she works within all budgets by using her design skills, creativity, and collaboration with her team and her couples!

Katherine shares her tips with us regarding wedding floral design and more.

1. To design your table, you need elements that will build a well thought-out design. Since Bear Brook Valley has farm tables, we're going to focus on creating a "tablescape" which is a combination of elements that will go the length of the table.

2. Create "layers" by bringing in different elements and textures to the design. This can be as simple as an interesting table number to candles & linens.

3. Play with your color palette! Your flowers are not the only place on the table to throw all of your colors in. Capitalize on your capability to select napkins that can be your pop of color; that way you can keep your florals more neutral, if that's more of your aesthetic, and bring in a pop of color as a light accent.

4. Consider how your guests will view and walk into the room. How do you want your guests to experience the space? Looking for a "wow" factor or something more simplified will change how we recommend laying out your floor plan and the centerpiece design we suggest.

5. Don't forget about the glassware & dishes already on the table! If you're having a pre-set table, we don't want to forget that it will take up space. The design should enhance the table, not interfere with the setting. I always say there's nothing worse than greenery in your guest's butter dish!

For farm style tables, remember:

We love to add runners (whether they're greenery or a linen) to define the space on the table. Candles or votives also add visual interest to the design. If you're going for a more formal look, add lots of smaller vases of flowers to create an impact. Decide whether or not you plan to play up the wood of the farm tables. Take note if the wood tones are lighter, then rock a darker garland; if they're darker, then rock a sage-toned garland. The tables at Bear Brook Valley, a rustic wedding venue in NJ are a light colored wood, so using darker colors in the tablescape will help the design pop-- contrast is key!

Katherine and her team are true professionals, and a pleasure to work with! Check out more of Thistle Bee's designs by following them on Instagram @thistlebeeflorist!


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