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A Wedding Day at Bear Brook Valley

Ever wonder what a wedding day at Bear Brook Valley looks like? From your arrival to getting ready to the ceremony and reception, we're going to walk you through a typical wedding day at Bear Brook Valley!

Photographer: Keri Calabrese

Arrival & Getting Ready

Our wedding package includes up to 2 hours of early arrival to your wedding start time. Whether you're getting ready onsite or offsite, you and your wedding party will be greeted by a team member and split up into our suites: The Silo Suite {slide 1} and our Woodford Lounge {slide 2}.

If you opt to add on an early arrival package, you and your wedding party can come as early as 9 am for the Silo Suite Package & four hours early with the Woodford Lounge Package! These are very popular packages because having your wedding party getting ready at the venue makes for a much less stressful start to your wedding day!

Getting Ready in the Silo Suite

With Standard Arrival Time {2 hours}

For the included 2 hours of early arrival time, you may utilize the Silo Suite however you'd like, whether that is to get ready, touch up or just hang out! We will also provide you with champagne and mimosas!

With The Silo Suite Early Arrival Package {as early as 9 am}

As you sip on some mimosas and munch on some fresh breakfast, your glam team will begin hair and makeup for you and your wedding party in our private beauty bar! You can spend the day listening to your favorite music with our built-in speaker system throughout the suite, and if your photographer is there you can utilize the natural light in the suite for those GORGEOUS getting-ready shots! You may utilize the suite however you want, from the lounge area to the glam section!

Getting Ready with the Woodford Lounge Package

If you choose to get ready in the Woodford Lounge, there probably won't be a lot of getting ready, but there will definitely be a lot of game playing. The Woodford Lounge includes billiards, video games, and lawn games.

With The Woodford Lounge Early Arrival Package, the other half of your wedding party will be provided with a personal attendant. Throughout the day, we will provide fresh lunch and access to all of our lawn games for this wedding party to hang out and relax while getting ready for the wedding!

Ceremony Rehearsal

We will walk you and your wedding party through a ceremony rehearsal to ensure the procedure is fresh in everyone's head. If you are not doing a first look, not to worry, we will still execute the ceremony rehearsal without you seeing each other!


Photos & First Look

Now that you're dressed and fed, it's time to take some photos! You'll get to take photos separately in your respective suites or around the grounds at Bear Brook Valley before your first look or your ceremony. If you opt for pics around the ground, get ready to ride in style with our Moke & Gem cars!!

First Look

If you are doing a first look, that is the next part for you! If you're skipping the first look and waiting to see each other for the first time at the ceremony, then you'll have more time for hair and makeup, as well as wedding party photos.

Not sure if you want to have a first look? Check out our list of pros and cons.

Couple Portraits

After the first look, you'll go into couple of portraits while the Bear Brook Valley coordinators run your wedding party through a ceremony rehearsal. If you aren't doing a first look, you will do portraits right after your onsite ceremony.

Wedding Party Portraits

Following your first look and couples portraits, your wedding party will meet you to take group photos. Again, if you opt for traditionally seeing each other down the aisle first, you will take these after ceremony during the beginning of cocktail hour.



If you are on schedule with the day's timeline, you will have about 30 minutes to an hour to relax before the ceremony starts. Once all of the guests have arrived and you are ready for ceremony to start, the wedding party will line up for the processional in the cocktail hour space, while the bride or groom gets ready for their grand entrance from the Silo Suite.


Cocktail Hour

You did it; you're officially married! Now you can either head into one of the suites to enjoy a cocktail hour platter as newlyweds, or you'll go straight into family photos after ceremony. Once the photos are out of the way, you can go munch, sip, and mingle in cocktail hour!



Time to party! The hour and a half cocktail hour will wrap up and guests will be sent to their tables in the ballroom. While guests are finding their seats, our maître d' will begin lining you and your wedding party up for intros! Once you and your wedding party are introduced, you'll go right into your first dance, followed by any other dances and speeches you choose to include. The rest of the night is open for dinner, dancing, and dessert!

Follow along by watching the Bear Brook Valley Instagram stories on wedding days as we take you behind the scenes!

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