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7 Things Couples Regret Not Doing at Their Wedding

We asked our married followers on Instagram if there's anything they regret not doing at their wedding, in hopes to help future couples out!

Here are the responses we got.

Photo by Keri Calabrese

Eating More

It's easy to get distracted on your big day with all of your favorite people in the room, and with the attention on you! With all the excitement going on, try your best to take time to eat {especially if you're drinking!}. At Bear Brook, our day-of staff will pull you aside after ceremony to eat and have some alone time, so take advantage of it!

Photo by Pearl Paper Studio

Taking More Photos with Guests & Family

Weddings go by so fast. If having photos of all your guests is important, keep this in mind. Better yet, have a "photo list" to give to your photographer & include this. Here are some specific examples of what couples said:

"I regret not asking my photographers to get photos of every table during dinner!"
"I regret not getting more family photos!"
"I regret not taking a group shot with all the guests."


It's not about how many times you watch it, it's about how you feel when you watch it. So many couples have told us they wish they ended up booking videography months & years after their wedding is over! You can't be everywhere at your wedding, so this is a great way to capture those memories being made all over the night!

Photo by Cassi Claire

Booking a Late Night Station

If you're considering doing a late night station, let's just say you won't regret it if you do! Couples sometimes tell us they're worried it's going to be too much food after cocktail hour and reception, but after drinking and dancing you are really just saving them from having to ordering something at the afterparty! They ALWAYS devour it!

Photo by Ariele Chapman

Having a First Look

If you're undecided about this, refer to our Pros & Cons of a First Look blog post!

"The whole night went by so fast! We wish we had spent less time taking photos after ceremony."

Photo by OffBeet

Taking Night Shots

Night shots at Bear Brook are a must! Not only are they epic, but it's a great time to get away from the crowd and spend some time alone with your new spouse. Talk to your photographer about getting these in!

Photo by Matt Stallone

Adding More Time

As mentioned previously, your wedding day will FLY by! You'll blink and it's over! Adding even just an extra half hour makes room for more memories of your wedding day, and more time to soak it all in.


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