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35 Questions to Ask Wedding Venues Before Booking

If you're engaged and in the process of scheduling tours of potential wedding venues, be sure to show up prepared! If you've never planned a wedding, then you most likely won't know what kind of questions to ask. Since we've planned quite a few 😏, we know exactly the questions to ask to help you figure out if the wedding venue is the one for you and your fiancé. {Scroll down for a cheat sheet}!



  • How many events do you hold per day?

  • What is your max capacity & minimums?

  • How far out are you booking weddings?

  • Is your venue wheelchair accessible?

  • What are your steps to putting a date on hold?

  • Do you offer virtual planning options?

  • Do you offer onsite coordinating?

  • Do you offer valet parking?

  • What is your policy for overnight guest parking?

  • Can I drop off my decor ahead of time?

  • Can I pick my things up the next day or do they need to be brought home the night of the wedding?

  • What is the latest time our wedding can end?

  • Do you have a backup generator for power outages?

Onsite Ceremonies

  • Do you charge a ceremony fee? What does that include?

  • Do you include ceremony chairs? If so, do you charge an additional setup fee?

  • Do you include an archway, podium, microphone & speakers?

  • Do you have multiple ceremony locations?

  • Do you offer onsite walkthrough rehearsals?

  • Is your ceremony area wheelchair accessible?

  • {For outdoor ceremonies} Do you offer an indoor ceremony space if it rains?

  • If our wedding date approaches with unpredictable weather and a planned outdoor ceremony, who decides if the ceremony will be moved indoors? How far in advance can the decision be made?


  • Do you have an in-house kitchen?

  • Do you allow outside food or alcohol?

  • How do you accommodate to allergies?

  • Do you offer gluten-free, vegan etc. menu options?

  • Do you require entrée counts on RSVPs, and can guests change their minds day-of?

  • Do you include a signature drink?


  • Can someone play my Spotify playlist for ceremony?

  • Do you include a cocktail hour music playlist?

  • Do you have built-in speakers and/or lighting?

  • Are there any sound ordinances with the town?


  • Do you require us to book within your preferred vendors?

  • Are there any restrictions on what outside vendors can bring in (photo booth, sparklers, etc.)?

  • How early can my vendors come in to set up?

  • To what extent will your team setup our décor?

Save and print this cheat sheet to bring on your wedding venue tours! ↓

Planning your wedding from out of state? Check to see if the venue has a virtual tour option! Bear Brook Valley offers virtual tours, as well as online planning tools! Yep, you can plan your wedding from the comfort of your couch!


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