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31 Pros & Cons of Each Wedding Season

When it comes to choosing the perfect time to get married, there are so many factors that come into play! We have the pros & cons of each wedding season for you here!



  • The weather is {usually} good. There is nothing like the summertime - love is in the air! Picture lawn games, trendy sips, bonfires and good food... all with your favorite people! The vibe is always good. When you want good weather, summer is typically your safest bet.

  • Great photos. With lush grass and full trees of green, you have a beautiful natural backdrop for outdoor photos with your s/o and wedding party. Woodsy and outdoor nature shots are a MUST! Think fun summer pics!

  • Outdoor weddings. With good weather comes a great setting for an outdoor wedding.

  • Colors are versatile. There are so many acceptable colors that can fall into summer to have in your bouquet, bridesmaids dresses and decor. Black, blue, nude, pink, grey, red... almost everything goes!


  • The heat. 90+ degree weather is possible, which comes with frizzy hair, sweat, oily faces {save the makeup!} and trouble concentrating {for everyone}.

  • You could pay the big bucks... for rain. Your vision might include celebrating outdoors. But because you can't control the weather, there's no guarantee your summer wedding will include sun. {Pro Tip: Make sure you find a venue with great indoor/backup options if you're going to pay for a summer wedding!}

  • Summer vacationers. Save the dates typically prevent guests from booking a vacation over your wedding, but this is still something to keep in mind.

  • Popularity. Peak season = higher pricing, less availability.



  • Undeniably gorgeous foliage as your natural backdrop. The vibrant orange, red and yellow foliage in the fall creates a stunning backdrop of organic beauty. Picture your guests arriving to your Bear Brook wedding; the grounds and vineyard are gently sprinkled with fall leaves, and the bright trees surround the property as they catch an autumn breeze. The scene is picture-perfect, and your photos are guaranteed to be stunning!

  • Reliable, mild weather. It's not blazing hot, and you're still able to enjoy some outdoor wedding time.

  • Convenient décor pieces. Throw in some crates and seasonal produce to jazz up any area. Not only are they easily accessible that time of the year, it's a cheap and easy way to decorate!

  • Dreamy dark colors. If you like dark and bold colors, this season is for you!


  • You could pay peak pricing for cold weather. While the fall is pretty mild, there's always a chance it could snow late October or be hot early September!

  • Higher pricing & less availability. Since the fall is so highly desired, you're likely to pay peak pricing. This is the same for guests traveling... prices are high. There's also a chance some vendors you want are already booked far in advance.

  • Timing. Between kids going back to school in September, Halloween in October and Thanksgiving in November, Fall is one of the busiest times of the year.

  • Game days. Anyone who has season tickets to the Giants won't be happy when their game against the Cowboys falls on your wedding date {pro: we have a TV in our Woodford Lounge where we can access t



  • Winter is romantic, dreamy and cozy. Winter is arguably the most underrated season for weddings. There is something so dreamy about winter elements: lit candles in a dark room, garland centerpieces, pine cones, fur garments, fireside chats, string lights... bringing it all together for a wedding brings it to a new level, totally enhancing the experience into something so magical. Don't even get us started on snowwy photos.

  • Enhancement options. Hot chocolate bars, s'mores by the fire... so many cute options for you to add some coziness!

  • All the feels. It's cold outside, but winter is warming! This time of the year creates all the warm and fuzzy feelings. This is the season we emphasize the importance of good friends, good family and good food {and booze... lots of booze}.

  • Save $$$. Since winter is off-peak season, rates are lower throughout. Not only will your venue's rates be lower, but you might score some killer discounts on your other vendors.

  • Holiday weddings. If you have family traveling from far away, and you plan your wedding close enough to a holiday, they can kill two birds with one stone by only having to make one big trip!


  • Weather. The most obvious con to having a winter wedding is dealing with the risk of poor weather. If having an outdoor wedding is super important to you, winter may not be your best option to roll the dice. Snow storms can effect travel plans for vendors and guests. On the flip side, if you love the idea of snow on your wedding day, you may not get the wintry dream you've envisioned.

  • Traveling might be hard for friends & family coming from far away if they have to take two separate trips for your wedding and the holidays.

  • The sun goes down early. Winter doesn't have as many light hours, so your time for daylight photos could be limited {depending on your start time}.



  • Flowers & natural beauty. Springtime is a soft and beautiful season with tons of flowers in bloom. The pretty color palettes are such a dream for a wedding. If you love soft, light and neutral colors, this season is for you!

  • Everyone is in a good mood. After the coldness of winter, the vibe changes. Spring is in the air; it's the season of new beginnings. The sun comes out and people are excited to be outside again. This vibe is unique; it can only be experienced in the spring!

  • Timing is good. There are typically less people taking vacations, and no major holidays. If you want a large party, this season could work great for you!

  • Cloud coverage. Spring brings back some life to us, then comes clouds. But this is NOT a bad thing! Clouds and storms actually make for the best photographs!


  • Rain. Since Spring is known for rain, there is a chance your wedding day will be hit. But if you are prepared with some cute umbrellas for your wedding party and a good photographer, you can make it fun and get some really awesome photos! Here are our tips on how to prepare for rain on your wedding day!

  • Unpredictable weather. Not only is rain possible, but snow could make an unexpected appearance! Since it's more of a transitional season between cold and hot, you don't really know what you'll get.

  • Allergies. If your allergies are bad, that is something to think about when choosing your wedding date! Watery, itchy eyes with a face full of gorgeous {an expensive} makeup is not something you want to deal with on your big day!


No matter what time of the year you go with there is always a chance the weather will change your plans! So it's important to be prepared and make sure you ask your venue what their backup plan is for poor weather, and ask your vendors how they handle travel under poor weather conditions!


There are so many pros and cons to each season! While we just listed so many things to consider, we discourage you from overwhelming yourself trying to please everyone. We see it all the time and it's so important to remember that this day is about you and the friends/family who love you will find a way to make it there! These are just some tips to think about; take what is the most important to you and leave the rest behind!


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